Need to write something

It seems that I still can’t get used to writting blog and forgot to write weekly report again. Three weeks have passed since the last post so I can’t remember what happened in each week. Let write something notable.

First, I changed my living place. The new place is farther from VNG than the previous but it has many things better, it ‘s very comfortable except it becomes hot when it passes 12 o’clock @@ Seriously, there isn’t any thing to write. One more thing, I started to play Dota 2.

About work, for now my main task is data analytic, it’s very difficult for an inexperience newbie like me (︶︹︺) I don’t know where to start and the way to do it. I think I should try to do something from basics. Let’s begin with descriptive statistics. There is one thing that I learned from this: data analytic and data analysis are different. Based on my understanding, data analysis is the task in which we calculate some features from data and determine its characteristics or specialities. On the other hand, data analytic is an advanced level. Data analytic uses data analysis result to extract the actual meaning of data and apply this to business processing. These concepts are maybe incorrect due to my beginning knowlegde in this field. I will correct this in the future after having a deep understanding. I’m having beginning step in this new field which I never have any lesson in school or any experiance in work. Hope I can overcome this challenge. Anyway, I need to complete data analysis on Payment Log data by next month (。•́︿•̀。) Challenge accepted (/ ‘з’)/