Olivia arrived! Time to rejoice!!!

Finally having some time to write the second weekly report. Last week I had a return trip to Sa Dec, due to that I couldn’t write this report, so this report will cover two weeks.

Many thing happened last week. The most important thing was I did recieved my OLIVIA without any problem!!!! The shipment was very fast, it took only four days. Amiami packagement was very good. I were very surprised when seeing the parcel, I knew Olivia having a very big box, but it was too huge for me to carry her back to my home withour using a rope (lol). Here is the parcel.

It is very big, isn’t it?

I did recorded an unboxing video, but it’s embarassing so it will always in my phone (lol). Here is her two swords, they are very good in details , I really like those swords ❤ ❤

I will post her pictures in another post when I can have free time to take pictures, too busy with works these days :(( .

Let’s talk about work. I had an interview for the data mining group in VNG. However, it seems that they only need the one having more experience :(( It was a disapointment.

About Passport team, this is very nice team, everyone is very friendly. I hope I can get along with this team 🙂 My team had a wellcome party in thursday. Unforunately, one of them was going to leave VNG after that, so we also had an farewell party in last friday.

This week did not have any thing worth to mention beside my gaming. I started playing Fate/Grand Order. After “unlimited rerolling work”, I finally got my wished card Saint Martha having seiyuu Hayama Saori, so there isn’t any regret. Here is her ❤ It was a shame that her class is Rider, which is considered the weakest class in current time of the game. However, Martha is best Rider for the time being.


On the other hand, I cannot complete the Summer event of Kantai Collection. The sucking E-7 map is very hard. I got so many trolls from it. So I stoped after spending more than 15k steel and 20k fuel, such a waste. Say sorry to Teruzuki, I will get you for another time in the future.

Waiting for me please!!